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Increasing Production Performance

Are you seeking advanced solutions to streamline your oilfield production across different sectors?

Oil Sands & Heavy Oil

Conventional Oil & Gas

Unconventional Oil & Gas

Automate: In the ever-evolving oil and gas industry, production engineering faces unique challenges, with retiring experts and increased workloads on new engineers. As a result, production analysis and optimization often fall short due to time constraints, leaving oil and gas producers questioning the true potential of their fields. At Madala, we offer intuitive and rapid design workflows combined with automated surveillance and optimization solutions. This empowers production teams to unlock the full potential of their wells, realizing capital, operating, and ESG advantages efficiently throughout the well’s lifespan.

Optimize: With Madala’s online surveillance and operations platform, Madala Vigil™, we bring you an automated solution that effortlessly calibrates the Digital Twin to your production data. Through well test analysis, virtual flow measurement, and optimal setpoint recommendations, our platform ensures that your operations are optimized for peak performance.

Perform: At the heart of our solution is the drive to maximize production performance, as it directly impacts cash flow. Madala enables producers and engineers to not only meet but exceed their targets by quantifying and optimizing production potential across all wells in the field. From flow optimization to reliability and ESG performance, our solution minimizes the need for manual engineering intervention, allowing your production teams to seize opportunities and create sustainable value.

optimizing oilfield operations

Experience the transformative power of Madala’s Digital Twin Performance software, designed specifically for oil and gas producers. Our solution revolutionizes the way you manage well performance across the entire lifecycle, from reservoir forecasting to completion design, production, testing, operations, reliability, and workovers. With our physics-based Digital Twin at the core, you gain actionable insights and validation for well tests, precise multi-phase flow measurement, and performance optimization. No more guesswork or incomplete information – make informed decisions, maximize productivity, and unlock the true potential of your oil and gas assets with Madala’s Digital Twin Performance software.

Oil sands & Heavy Oil

algorithms analyze real-time data

Conventional Oil & Gas

optimize wellbore monitoring

Unconventional Oil & Gas

improve operational efficiency

Well Design and Workover Made Easy

Streamline your well design and workover processes with Madala’s advanced software. Our solution allows for quick turnaround of design iterations and enables you to compare completion performance effortlessly. With our comprehensive physics model, every aspect of well performance is accurately described, including velocities, pressure changes, and flow regimes. This ensures that you can identify opportunities to optimize capital without compromising performance, avoiding both overdesigning and underdesigning.

Start Optimizing Your Production

Experience a significant reduction in analysis and decision time, as our software automates complex tasks that used to take hours per well, now completed within minutes. This level of automation enhances your team’s efficiency, allowing them to focus on high-value activities rather than repetitive work. Run your wells like a well-oiled factory, achieving consistent results without sacrificing time or effort.

Madala’s products are fully cloud-deployed, accessible through a browser on any device. This means that your production teams can access our services and take action anywhere, anytime, whether they are in the office, working remotely, or out in the field. Enjoy the freedom and flexibility of managing your operations with ease, regardless of your location.

Gain complete visibility into your field by automatically inspecting, assessing, and ranking all wells, not just the best or worst performers. Our software provides valuable insights to optimize production performance across the entire well portfolio.

Uncover hidden optimization opportunities, improve underperforming wells, and sustain targets to increase field performance and cash flow. Madala’s software enables you to manage well performance and optimize operations for long-term success.

With our solution, you’ll have real-time visibility into the production of all your wells, allowing for accurate flow measurement and improved allocations. Stay informed about your entire well inventory, ensuring optimal resource allocation and maximizing productivity.

Integrate reservoir simulation with our software, using the same physics model, to accurately forecast production performance based on decline. By utilizing the actual wellbore model, rather than relying on approximations, you can make informed decisions that align with your reservoir’s unique characteristics.

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