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Automate. Optimize. Perform.

Automating Production Design and Optimization for Oil & Gas Producers

Madala Software’s mission is to revolutionize oil and gas production optimization through the seamless integration of automation and physics-based analytics. We are dedicated to empowering our clients with cutting-edge software solutions and consulting services that optimize production processes, drive operational efficiency, and unlock unparalleled value. By harnessing the power of advanced physics-based models and leveraging automation, we enable our clients to achieve new levels of productivity and profitability.

Through our innovative technology, we automate repetitive tasks, streamline workflows, and eliminate manual errors. By combining the principles of physics with intelligent automation, we deliver precise and actionable insights that empower our clients to make data-driven decisions, optimize well performance, and drive sustainable growth.

Madala’s solutions have delivered capital reductions of $200k per well and sustained production increases over 10%.


Inspiration, innovation, and countless opportunities.

With years of experience in the oilfield industry, we possess in-depth knowledge and understanding of the unique requirements of different sectors, including heavy oil, conventional oil and gas, and unconventional oil and gas. We collaborate closely with our clients, listening to their needs and challenges, to deliver tailored solutions that address their specific operational goals.

With Madala’s automated Digital Twin technology, O&G Producers can unlock efficiency and precision in their production systems. Our fully automated Digital Twin eliminates the need for extra engineer time, empowering teams to focus on high-value tasks. By effortlessly creating a virtual replica of the production system, we enable comprehensive analysis, precise measurement, and optimized performance.

Madala is committed to delivering tangible results for our clients. We target a 5% production increase and a corresponding 5% reduction in GHG emissions, creating a win-win scenario. With current oil prices, this translates to a valuable USD $1/bbl in free cash flow after production costs. For a 50,000 bbl/d field, this can amount to approximately $18 million/year. Our recent pilot project in a Canadian heavy oil field achieved an impressive 11% production increase, showcasing the effectiveness of our solution.

In the past decade, the demographics of production engineering have undergone a significant shift. With an increasing number of retirements and a smaller workforce, production engineering teams face unprecedented challenges. Manual analysis and optimization are no longer feasible due to time constraints. As a result, O&G Producers lack insights into their performance, constraints, and opportunities. Madala’s automated solutions provide the necessary automation to unlock the full potential of production assets.

Madala’s solutions automate standard Production Optimization workflows, drastically reducing analysis and decision-making time from hours per well to mere minutes. Our software provides automated recommendations for reliability and operating points, ensuring optimal performance. Moreover, our solution offers a clear pathway to emissions optimization by quantifying and incorporating energy efficiency into the workflows.

Unlocking the Power of Physics-Based Analytics™

Empowering the Oil and Gas Industry with Customized Consulting Solutions

Madala offers consulting services based on our Physics Based Analytics™ technology. We work with clients to provide engineering analyses, customized solutions and support in various aspects of the oil and gas industry.

We leverage our expertise and software capabilities to address specific challenges or optimize production processes. Clients can collaborate with Madala to analyze their operations, identify opportunities for improvement, and develop tailored strategies for maximizing efficiency and profitability.

Client projects have included liner capacity optimization, lift gas expansion cooling and freezing analysis, a major study for solvent-assisted and electrically-heated production and a variety of wellbore performance studies.

Get Acquainted with Team Madala

Raj Bal – President & CEO (co-founder)

Mr. Bal started his career in software development at Hyprotech Inc. working on the leading process simulation tool, HYSYS. He later moved into software product management focusing on oil & gas production solutions first at Hyprotech/Aspentech and then at Landmark Graphics (Halliburton). Additionally, he has worked at Matrikon (Honeywell), Weatherford, and as an Independent Consultant. Prior to co-founding Madala Software Inc. Mr. Bal was a Senior Production Engineer on the Mackay River SAGD field at Suncor Energy Inc. Mr. Bal holds a Bachelor in Science, Chemical Engineering from the University of Alberta.

Dr. Damien Hocking – CTO (co-founder)

Dr. Hocking has had a diverse career in solving complex problems through technical software development. He is an expert in hydraulics, heat transfer, thermodynamics and steady state and transient simulation. He has held key technology roles at Hyprotech, Aspentech, KBC and Computer Modeling Group (CMG). Additionally, Dr. Hocking has consulted for MEG Energy, HTRI, Honeywell, Mosimtec and Neotec. Dr. Hocking is the co-author of 21 patents in the heavy oil industry and holds a Bachelor in Engineering and PhD in Chemical Engineering both from the University of Adelaide.

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