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    Madala SAGD™

    Madala SAGD™: Completion Design and Optimization Solution for SAGD Wells

    Madala SAGD™

    Madala SAGD™ is our completion design and wellbore simulation package developed for production wells, injection wells and circulation workflows. Madala SAGD™ is the only tool that combines rigorous full physics for SAGD with ease of use to allow rapid well bore simulation. Madala SAGD™ simulates Gas-Lift and ESP Production Wells, Injectors, including Flow-Control Devices (FCDs), Solvents, Downhole heaters and can model single and dual-string completions. All thermal pumps from major vendors are included. Madala SAGD™ delivers solutions for common SAGD Production Engineering problems such as:

    • Right-size wellbores
    • Analyze FCD performance on producers and injectors
    • Greenfield design, including performance of extended-reach producers and injectors
    • Brownfield work-overs and re-completions
    • Solvent-assisted production
    • Success of stimulation jobs
    • Optimize Production from Existing Wells


    Madala SAGD™ can also be integrated with the CMG STARS™ reservoir simulator for advanced reservoir-well interaction.

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