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    Madala Vigil™: SAGD

    Madala Vigil™: SAGD- Advanced Surveillance and Advisory Solution for SAGD Production Optimization

    Madala Vigil™: SAGD

    Madala Vigil™: SAGD Lift is an operations solution designed for Alberta’s heavy-oil production. This is the most advanced production-optimization platform available for the SAGD industry, utilizing a full-physics Digital Twin of each well. Field validations have confirmed sustained production increases of over 10%. By connecting to the production historian, Madala Vigil™: SAGD analyzes well tests, provides a Virtual Flow Meter (VFM), and offers artificial lift advice. Engineers can now understand the performance of all their wells, every day, without the need for hundreds or thousands of hours of manual analysis, through three workflows:

    Well Test Analysis: Each test calibrates the Digital Twin to the measured flowrates. Potentially failed well tests are flagged.

    Virtual Flow Meter (VFM): The Digital Twin predicts flowrates as operating setpoints change, enabling accurate well flow allocation at any time. The VFM also provides performance indicators for inflow performance, liner performance, and ESP slugging and wear.

    Optimization: The Digital Twin optimizes artificial lift setpoints for gas lift flow, pump frequency, and choke positions to maintain and increase production rates.

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